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I made this page to tell you about scams. I am NOT a scammer. Below I will tell you about common scams and how to prevent them.

Scam 1: Some people say they will get you a free membership. Trust no one saying they will do this, they are probably just trying to hack you. I found the following on a blog on a freewebs site:


Isn’t saying you will get someone a free membership a scam?

Scam 2: Free items or coins. Some people say if you give them your your username and password they will get you free stuff. Don’t fall for this, it is possible that you will lose your account. Some people may even say they will get you a rare item or tons of coins, and then they get you in trouble and hack you and leave you with 2 coins and a frozen account. They may leave you with different items, but still don’t fall for it. If someone ever does hack you, contact the Club Penguin staff and change your password.

There are many more scams. I will post more soon. Remember, DO NOT fall for anything that looks like a scam. I want to help protect the people who play Club Penguin from getting scammed, because many of them are very kind and don’t deserve that.

Have a nice day!




1. Chief Pilot - June 17, 2007

Thank you for telling me that. You are a very nice person.
Editors comment
No problem and thanks!

2. droplet907 a.k.a. ur friend ellie - June 18, 2007

hey natalie that is sme good info. thxs a lot! this will help me if i do get scamed. also the same thing is happening 2 me. every time i chane my music some1 changes it back 2 the other 1 i had before. do u have any sugessions? thxs
Editors comment
Yes. Eat ice cream and search for pictures of newts, that always makes me happy. 🙂

3. danielle - June 19, 2007

hi when my mom came to the kitchen and she asked me if i was shure you werent one that helped me alot thanks natalie.
Editors comment
You’re welcome!

4. Dallas - July 3, 2007

Hey good info it’s just thet why would some one want a non-member account. Anyways still helpful. I should know I’m a 436 days year old penguin.
Editors comment
Thanks, and good point!

5. Droplet907 - October 24, 2007


6. lilguy574 - November 18, 2007

just 2 let u know not all the coin stuff is scams. i have a coin biz and i got a 550 day old peng a ton of coins and he said i could keep playing on it so ha! no offence or nothing
Editors comment

7. Emily - December 22, 2007

Hey Natilie
I just wanted to say merry christmas because of the long winter vaca. Sorry I haven’t been on your site in a while but I just remembered that it would be saved on my computer so I decided to see if you had updated it since last time I saw it.
Emily B

8. droplet907 - May 12, 2008

Heyyyyyyyy i never knew Emily B. knew about your site!!! That is totally cool! i will have to get more ppl from school to come on here and support you. I will have to call Emily B. and tell her that your site is finally back on if you didnt tell her that already.

9. MILEY'S 1# FAN!!!!!!!!!! - May 25, 2008

MILEY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. MILEY'S 1# FAN!!!!!!!!!! - May 27, 2008

told ya i’d do it!!!

11. MILEY'S 1# FAN!!!!!!!!!! - June 3, 2008

dino-mileys r 2 cool 4 words!!

12. MILEY'S 1# FAN!!!!!!!!!! - June 5, 2008

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAVE A GR8 SUMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13. MILEY'S 1# FAN!!!!!!!!!! - June 10, 2008

RAZZLE DAZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel like saying dat try saying it 20 times!!!!!!!!!!!
MILEY ROX!!!!!!!
dancing with the stars rox 2
johnny appleseed is a pirate!!!ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR
CHA CHA!!!!!!

14. Ellie33 - Droplet907 - January 16, 2009

WOW abby u r obsessed with that song!!!! RAZZLE DAZZLE THEM!! *cough cough* *clears throut* where did that come from!?!?!? U CURSED ME ABBY!!!!!

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