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Every day cheats©

Here are some cheats you can use any day.

Type these in to say things or do things.

ET=A music note and noise


S=Sit- use arrow keys to switch direction.












EN=Moon and stars




How to make everything on your puffles full:

Play, sleep, feed


Don’t know where a pin or secret item is? Ask the penguins around you.


On Pizzatron 3000, click the little lever to make candy pizzas. It pays more and gives huge tips. 


Cart Surfer: Press the right or left arrow key and the space bar to jump up and twirl.  

Click space and the down button to flip. 


Building a castle

At the beach near the two lounge chairs there is a bucket and shovel.

You can use these to make a castle. Here’s how:

1. Put your cursor over the bucket and shovel. The shovel will scoop sand into the bucket. Repeat this 3 times.

2. Put your cursor over the bucket. It with turn over and form the castle!

3. Put your cursor over it again. The shovel will be back in the bucket.


Do you see penguinswalking around with shaky text that says green commander of…..? All you have to do to get the same shaky text is type in green commander of (a word here). It’s really awesome!



1. danielle - June 17, 2007

this is the best site you should add more stuff. p.s. i also love clubpenguin i dont relly like webkinz.
Editors comment
Thanks! I’m trying to add more.

2. droplet907 a.k.a. ur friend ellie - June 18, 2007

Hi!!!!!!!!! this is 1 of the best sites EVER!!!!!! well see you arund this summer. I LOVE CLUBPNGUIN AND NEWTS!!!
Editors comment
You forgot llamas.

3. danielle - June 18, 2007

what lamas?
Editors comment
Ellie was supposed to add that she loved llamas.

4. Waddle Wise AKA Brenna - June 21, 2007

Hey this is like a totaly rocken website you should have more on it not in the bad way like so more clubpenguin people will come on. So i think the best part of this website is the pixle penguins they are cute and cool. you should have make your own puffle or igloo everybody would like that well sry 4 the long mesage hopse to c u on CLUBPENGUIN which rocks well c ya!
Editors comment
Hi Brenna! 🙂

5. droplet907 - June 23, 2007

hey natalie
Editors comment

6. Dallas - July 7, 2007

I can’t say a fart is a music noise but other then that nice job ;).

7. Droplet907 - October 24, 2007


8. hulagurrl - December 21, 2007


9. droplet907 - May 12, 2008

I feel like saying Hi. 🙂

10. MILEY'S 1# FAN!!!!!!!!!! - May 26, 2008

MILEY ROX MY SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11. Ellie droplet907 - October 11, 2008

watz up….

12. Mike - March 1, 2009

Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

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