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Forest igloo! January 5, 2009

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I’ve seen alot of forest themed igloos but this one is really cool. This is someone named Taffyjunior’s igloo:



Another AMAZING igloo! January 4, 2009

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Okay so I’m on mammoth right now. I was looking for another party to be advertised in the town and someone named pocko 12 said that he had an ocean at his igloo, so i went, and I’m REALLY glad i did. Heres a picture:


Awesome penguin=) January 4, 2009

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So in the town in mammoth today a penguin named stargirl200 started saying turn green for the enviroment. I was the first one to go over there and help out, and we ended up getting pretty many people to join for a little while. Heres a picture:


Igloo of the month… haha=) January 4, 2009

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I was on mammoth yesterday waiting for people to advertise for their party. Someone named lac10 advertised for a water party. I went to it and she had the most amazing igloo! Here it is:


New banner! January 3, 2009

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I just made a new banner for the site. How do you like it?

New pin location, clothing catalog, etc. January 3, 2009

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The new pin is located in the lodge attic where all of the extra snow is being stored.

Gingerbread man pin

The wig catalog has been combined with the clothing catalog. Here are the secrets for it:

Spikester- Click on the paint buckets under the penguin on the first page next to the colors

Spikester wig, January 2009

Spikette- Click on the blue circle near the boy penguin on the page after the letter

Spikette wig, January 2009

Fruit headdress- Click on the flowerpot on the next page near the penguin in the yellow dress

Fruit headdress, January 2009

Yellow scarf- Click on the orange and white striped present under the tree on the page with the penguin in the gingerbread costume


Russian hat- Click on the top of the mountain near the penguin with the green coat on the page with the coats


Blue/red viking helmet: Click on the top of the tree near the two penguins in the snow, then click it three more times for the red viking helmet


Pink hat with pom pom: Click on the snowman’s hat on the page with the penguin in the black parka


Red hoodie: Click on the big snowflake above the penguin with the blonde hair’s head on the page after the coffee apron


i’m baacckkk! January 3, 2009

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kay so i renewed my membership for club penguin yesterday morning. i see that many of the old club penguin blogs have died, including mine, so i’m gonna start blogging again=) just give me until the next new pin comes out.

edit: okay so apparently the new pin DID come out… i’m slow this morning, haha=)

so lets begin…^^^^^^

happy new year=) January 1, 2009

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2009 is almost here! i’m watching the thing with carson daley. t.i. was amazingg! the ting tings were… eh. well you know how they use all that fancy editing and stuff for tv and such=)

its 11:32 right now, i’ll probably make another post when it is actually 12:00. i’m gonna miss 2008 so much=)

you guys can be expecting me to be on here more! see ya later=)

ohmehgoodneez. September 1, 2008

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i got a COMMENT. guys, this is big, take time to take it all in. i don’t even know why i’m making a post. no ones gonna read it. oh well. hmph. food. gahbye, off to watch george lopezzzz.

i need help=( July 14, 2008

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i am incredibly confused cause i dunno if i want to keep blogging or go back to making my graphics or whatttt=( but even if i did start blogging again, i’d need ALOT of help, with all the updates on club penguin. so, thats what this post is for…

if you’re willing to help me out (at this point basically taking over the blog) email me at natalie094@yahoo.com or comment on this post (email would be a heck of a lot more convenient). i’d prefer one of my friends, so i know that i can trust them and i know them and can talk to them in real life about my blog if i need to. even if you’re not one of my friends, you can still ask. you’ll need to be taking screen captures, so you need to know how to do that.