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:) June 8, 2011

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hey this exists lol

wow i got lazy


and i used to use proper capitalization

o h m y g o d things have changed 🙂

MY PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

ummm yeah i graduated 8th grade and it’s my birthday on the 16th and i’ll finally be 14.. yyyyayyy haha

8 days and 37 minutes to be exact 😀 (june 16th 3:03 pm ;o)

and i’m going to be a freshman next year -_-

i don’t feel like a freshman i still feel like a 4th grader 🙂

and also, everybody at my high school is going to be tall and i’m still mildly short and i’m scared someone’s going to force me to go back to the middle school building 😥

it’s summer and i’m bored

so yes indeed 🙂


OMG 2 of my cousins are having babies in the fall :’) i love babies they’re so cute i’m obsessed with them. really ask any of my friends , every time i see a baby i like start fangirling and i can’t breathe

my hair, is very blonde right now. and i’m actually tanning you have no idea how proud i am. i never tan i’m like allergic to the sun lol

i decided i don’t want to be a recording engineer anymore i think, i wanna be a detective. like on the first 48.

i have seen like 50 episodes of that show where the murder happened in birmingham alabama. which is where i was born. -_- i don’t have violent tendencies though. usually

i have many scars on my feet and they keep getting darker because of the sun. i wish i could say i got attacked by a shark or something but tbh one of them is from my shoes, another one is from hitting my foot really hard on the edge of our balcony because i was being dumb (as per usual), and the other one is from a really small cut that i kept making worse hahaha. the inside of my vans are really bloody it’s pretty cool

i have to swim every day for 2 weeks in school next year, kill me. and for one semester i have to have gym every day. gheirghierhgerhgerhgreio

and i’m in honors english next year and i have to read OVER THE SUMMER and i hate reading and i’m going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also i have to take a test on one of the books as soon as i get back in school 😥

and idk whether to take german or french because i’m really good at the french accent but my heritage is 100% german and my grandparents speak german so i could talk to them and they’d be all oOoOoOo and i’d be like ikr?!?!

okay i’m leaving and hopefully going to do something in the remaining 9 hours 18 minutes of the day. sincerely natalie elise bieber-buell-chance-fisher




1. Loki Terry - June 9, 2011

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If you have any questions, please email me. Thanks!

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