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sooo you guys!!!=) June 18, 2009

Posted by yolkee1 in 1.

haha i just wanted to say hi. even though no one comes here any more=P well anyway i’ve started going on club penguin more. yeah, i know, that may seem weird cause i’m 12… =D thats right i’m 12, it was my birthday yesterday, and it was ellie’s birthday yesterday too. except not really.  sooo… i don’t know what else to say except i might start updating my site again this summer cause i’m bored! its 2:24 am. and i’m still up. and i’m not tired at all. and there were tornado warnings earlier this night for a bunch of places around me=P

hmmm. what should i talk about… how about american idol? well anyway, tatiana del toro is amazing and deserved to stay, along with nathaniel marshall… yep i know, i’m weird, i liked the people no one else liked. (btw guess what? i’m at the supposedly biggest cp war between the nachos aka the army i’m in, and the roman fire warriors or something… and theres like no one there) back on the subject of american idol, i hated adam lambert. i couldn’t stand him. seriously. ooo i got my tickets for the american idol concert here the day after they came out, yay.

what else should i talk abouttt. HAHAHAH someone just said on cp “someone want a piece of my snowballs?” =P

ummm anyway you guys can be expecting me to update alot more this summer! if you see other cp sites where they have a page where you can advertise please advertise my site! thanks so much if you still come here, and even if you don’t and you just decided to visit thank you=)

have a nice… morning… hahahah good morning!



1. E - July 25, 2009

wow nat that was amazing

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