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So, here’s some CP stuff. May 9, 2008

Posted by yolkee1 in 1.

The pin is in the coffee shop. Hold your cursor over it and it will fall.

There’s going to be a medieval party. They have a new clothing catalog out for it:

The medieval items are:

Dragon costume: 1000 coins

King’s crown: 500 coins

Royal robe: 400 coins

Queen’s crown: 450 coins

Queen’s dress: 600 coins

Knight helmet: 400 coins

Knight armor: 600 coins

Tabards (purple, orange, and green): 250 coins each

Shields: (purple, orange, and green): 350 coins each

Emerald hat: 300 coins

Emerald dress: 550 coins

The feautured job for this month is a blacksmith. You can buy a brown apron.

May 9th

“Twelfth Fish” stage encore >>New pin hidden

May 16th

New party (Medieval)

May 23rd

New furniture catalog>> New pet furniture catalog>> New pin hidden




1. Dallas - May 10, 2008

You re-opened your blog! 😀

Editor’s Comment
YES I DID! Yay, I visitor!

2. Skamper36 (not logged in) - May 10, 2008

Make that 2 visitors, natalie!

I have an important question, how do you put pics on your sites now, wordpress changed the format and now i dont know how do do it.

Please replay,

Check it out http://www.skamper36.wordpress.com !

3. droplet907 - May 12, 2008

MAKE THAT 3 VISITORS!!! Hey natalie!!!!!! It’s Ellie!! I’m soooooo glad you opened up your blog again!!! I started to get bored, so I made a collage of Nick Jonas!!!! anyway…. THANKS! Hope to see you in school ( which i problably will since you are in the same class as me every day untill June 5th…) Oh yea I forgot to tell you. While your blog was down i took a break from clubpenguin and now I’M BACK! Club penguin has changed A LOT. when i gor on i thought this was some other website i actually said ” Hey what is this website? whatever it is, it is copying club penguin!” and then i took a closer lok and found out that it WAS club penguin. I felt REALLY stupid. Well… BYE.

Droplet907 Ellie 🙂
P.S. Skamper, I’m going to start going on your blog too.

4. hhcandyhh - May 13, 2008

I opened a blog! Here it is:

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