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I’m lazy. January 19, 2008

Posted by yolkee1 in 1.

I didn’t post on Christmas, or New Years, or…

Nevermind. I’m busy. Even so, most of it is that I’m lazy. Thank you to all of you who still come to this cat food like blog.

Maybe I’ll occasionally post about non-cp or cp related things.

I’ll keep all the pages and posts that have to do with cp private. It’ll be my non-cp related blog. Zomg.

I’m off to get some pudding, and maybe I’ll get you some too. You may never know.

I could die typing the next word. Or the next. Or the next. Or the-

*Hello this is McDonalds may we take your-*

Stupid radio. Shame on you, radio. You know, I never really liked you, you’re just a radio. Maybe I won’t get you pudding. I’ll get it for everyone else. How about that?



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