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New Mission November 12, 2007

Posted by yolkee1 in 1.

The new mission came out! I might put up a video of how to do it, since I already made one (separated in sections to help you find what you need to do) But here’s a written guide for now:

1. Talk to G. He’ll ask you to fix his machine, the Fursenic Analyser. To do that, open up your spy phone and use the comb on the tools to comb out the pink fur.

2. Next he’ll ask you to put the other patch of fur into the machine.

3. It will scan twice. On the second scan, it will tell you three liquids that are on the fur. (hot sauce, hot chocolate, and jet pack fuel)

4. Scroll around until you see the AC1000. Pick it up and put it in your inventory.

5. Go to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the clerk.

6. Ask if you can take samples of the sauces. Also ask him about the pizza. Pick it up.

7. Go to the Ski Lodge. Click on the ‘Gone Fishing’ door. There’s a penguin outside. Give him the pizza.

8. Go back inside the lodge. Pick up the candle near the couches.(it’s the burning one near Fred, aka the cuckoo clock)

9. Go to the Coffee Shop. Talk to the clerk there. Say you can fix the machine. To do that, use the wrench from the tools on your spy phone to connect the pipe. Take off the white mug on the top and put it in your inventory. A bowl will come up. Put the chocolate sauce you got earlier in here. Turn the machine to hot with the control on the side. Put the glass uner the nozzle for hot chocolate. Press the button.

10. Now go to the lighthouse. Get a net off the pile of nets and get some rope off the little red boat.

11. Click on the up arrow to go up the stairs. Scroll over and you’ll see a floating tank of gas. Use the AC1000 to blow it down. Use your scissors from your tools on your spy phone to cut the balloon. Take the gas.

12. You should have 3 liquids in your inventory by now. Go to G’s gadget room and talk to him. Put the substances into the other machine with the glasses on them.

13. Take the glasses. Go back to the fishing spot. Make the trap by using the rope on the net. Hang it from the tree branch. Put the candle on it.

14. A crab will crawl out and get caught in the trap. Pick it up.

15. Take it back to G. Give him the crab. He’ll tell you thats all he needs for now. You’ll get your reward!



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