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Sony test!!! (Thanks SO MUCH to skamper36) July 9, 2007

Posted by yolkee1 in 1.

 Ok, I made this private, but I changed my mind and I’m making it public again- it’s just too important- and sad.

I have huge news!!! Thanks, skamper36, for posting this!!!

(This was posted by SKAMPER36 on his site. THANKS SO MUCH!!!)

Yesterday, I saw a penguin named “Sony Test”. And if you know, Sony might buy Club Penguin for 500 million dollars!And “Sony Test” was going around taking a survey. These are the questions he asked me.

“Do you like CLUB Penguin?”
“Does it ever get boring?”
“Club Penguin or Waddle World?”
“Thank you for your time”
Then I begged him to not buy Club Penguin then I asked him why he wanted to buy Club Penguin and he said “Its confidential”
Then I went around hiding and throwing snowballs at him and watching him ask the survey and 2 people said they didn’t like CP and about 6 said they liked it.



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