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The Purple Crabs June 14, 2007

Posted by yolkee1 in 1.

Hi guys! I have big news- I’ve decided to make an club called The Purple Crabs. Here’s a little info on them and what they will do.

How to join: Joining The Purple Crabs is a big oppritunity. There is so much to do! How do you join? Just send me an e-mail with this info:

Club Penguin username:

What I want to be in the army:

Days of the week I can meet:

And thats all. Hope you decide to join!

What we do: There are many things we do. First of all, we go around making sure people are being nice to other penguins and following the rules. If they are not, we report them. Second, we go on outings to different places like the coffee shop or the puffle shop. We also play games and visit eachother’s igloos. We will have gatherings to wait for Fred, the bird in the cuckoo clock. We will do many more things that I promise will be really fun!

Where we meet: We usually meet upstairs in the ski lodge, or at the ice rink. Sometimes we will meet in eachothers igloos, though, or in different places.

What we wear: What you wear depends on if you’re a boy or a girl. Here’s what both of them wear:

Member girls: Their color will be black, and they will wear a black hoodie, blue or red, orange, and yollow lei, blue or pink bunny ears, bunny slippers or no shoes.

Non-member girls: Snowflake shirt or red and white striped shirt, ice skates or no shoes, red face paint or pirate eye patch, santa hat or ice crown, friendship bracelet.

Member boys: Red polo shirt or raincoat, black sunglasses or 3-d glasses, elf shoes or black tennishoes, electric/acoustic guitar or hockey stick, green togue, elf hat, or jester hat, blue or red cape.

Non-member boys: Red and white striped shirt or no shirt, green or yellow duck, ice skates or pirate boots, pirate bandana, wizard hat, or beta hat or blue and green striped party hat, whistle, cowboy bandana, santa beard, or nothing around neck.

I try to give at least 2 choices if I think some people didn’t get an item. Please don’t make fun of other members because of their clothes.

I’ll keep you posted for meetings, etc. If you have any other questions or comments e-mail me or comment below.



1. droplet907 a.k.a. ur frind ellie - June 15, 2007

hi natalie! its ellie! i want 2 join the purple crabs. it sounds like fun! i cant wait till ur party tonight!
Editors comment
Hi Ellie!

2. skamper36 - June 16, 2007

I would like to join! I have all the member boys items.
Here is the form:
Club Penguin username: Skamper36

What I want to be in the army: A Member Boy

Days of the week I can meet: Saturday and Sunday, well, schools out so anyday is fine. I just need to know what time.
See you on CP

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